Convention Center

The hotel is equipped with three conference rooms of different size and capacity: Sala Latina, Sala Roma, Sala Italia, each fitted with the most advanced technological equipment, which makes Hotel Europa an excellent conference centre. The conference rooms have modern, elegant interiors and can be used with auditorium-style or horseshoe seating arrangements. Rome and Latina are completely modular rooms that open and able to co-host up to 200 people theater style.


The Sala Italia is suitable for meetings and exhibitions of particular importance. It has 2 entrances, one from the outside and the other from the inside, which allow you to manage the environment as you wish. The recommended accommodation is theater style and can accommodate up to a maximum of 80 people.


The Sala Roma , like the Italia room, has all the technological supports necessary to better organize corporate events, presentations, meetings and conferences. It is able to accommodate 60 people arranged in the stalls, can also be set up in a horseshoe shape and is free of architectural barriers.


The Latina Room is suitable for small meetings and job interviews.

The layout can be theater style for 30 people and school desks for 20 people.

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